We are looking for highly motivated and creative people to join the lab - a dynamic research environment with exceptional resources in one of the most exciting scientific hubs in the world.

Postdoctoral Fellows - position Available

If you are interested in joining the group as a postdoc, please contact Jonny with (1) a cover letter detailing prior research experience and future career goals, (2) a CV and (3) the names and contact details of 2-3 referees. Fully funded positions are available, but all applicants are encouraged to apply for external funding (e.g. EMBO, HFSP, Sir Henry Wellcome, Branco Weiss, DFG, SNF, Newton International, L’Oréal-UNESCO and EU Marie Curie fellowships).  

We are especially keen to recruit people with a background in systems neuroscience, but all strong applications will be considered seriously. Strong quantitative and programming skills are always a bonus. You should typically apply at least 6 months in advance of when you would ideally like to start.

Phd studentS

Prospective students who would like to carry out a PhD in the Kohl lab should contact Jonny and include a CV. We welcome applications from motivated students of a broad range of backgrounds (Biological Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science etc.) that are interested in using in vivo calcium imaging and -electrophysiology, behavioral assays, optogenetics, viral tracing, cellular biology and transcriptomics to study state-dependent neural processing. Graduate students will join the lab via the four-year Crick PhD Programme (applications open early October).


Undergraduate students interested in an internship can apply to the Crick-Calleva Summer Student Programme (deadline late January).